The average German traveller abroad*

  • stays for 13,5 days
  • spends 1.205.55 US$ (950 Euros) per trip
  • books 1,3 holiday trips per year
  • is likely to be part of a young couple without children or to be part of a household with adults aged 40 to 64 years
  • is in his 50s and a little more likely to be male than female
  • has a net household income of at least 3.800 US$ (2.870 €) per month
  • saves at least 10 % of his disposable income
  • spends about 5 % of his disposable income on travel
  • receives 25 – 30 days annual leave, plus up to 10 public holidays a year
  • works 37 hours a week
  • stays at hotels
  • prefers vacation by the sea/beach
  • considers his top holiday activities relaxation, sightseeing, culture, shopping and adventure


*all data based on recent available figures in 2009, obtained from the German Federal Statistical Office and various market studies and surveys, individual sources will be named upon request